Global Sourcing


The suppliers and   factories we negotiate with understand and respect our demands for excellence   on behalf of our buyers. Because we network with several production   facilities, our ability to negotiate advantageous pricing breaks will always   provide our clients with exceptional quality at the lowest cost.

FITEC Global Sourcing has saved clients   millions of dollars annually and lowered some individual costs by up to 40 points.


 FITEC Global Sourcing encompasses the world of importation and purchasing. Our service-based company provides buyers with more than the cost of the individual components or finished products.  

Fitec provides our clients with quotations that include manufacturing, duties, freight, brokerage, and local shipping and delivery logistics. Also including,  the best options for air or sea transportation of your finished product. 


 FITEC Global Sourcing understands the strain that overseas purchasing can take on companies large and small. 

With good credit, a company can rely on Fitec to finance or partially finance any level of an order, allowing the client to enjoy the maximum level of free cash flow until the product is delivered.